About Us


We are to cure and improve quality of life and life expectancy of patients through our commitment for providing high quality and safe products with best price.


We have the know-how and enthusiasm to grow and be a part of health care system.

Company profile:

Behbod Darou is an Iranian premier private company which is active in importation of special line pharmaceuticals and niche products .Behbod Darou as a local partner can offer several services to companies' .manager of our Company have the experience of being highly trained by multinational pharmaceutical companies. Behbod Darou's services are as followings:

Regulatory affairs department:

we are expert in this field and this department is responsible to introduce new molecule into Iranian pharmacopoeia, brand registration and coordination between the mother Company and local health authorities in order to solve problems, clarify the issues and follow up to finalize registration of any product.

Sales & marketing department:

Is responsible for launching new products, calling on doctors, raise prescription and arranging for annual forecasting (we report quarterly and annually all the activities and sales data.).

Based on our partner's need they can either have their own marketing team or use our team.

Since most of companies have their own code of ethics, policy for training and implementing the know-how they may chose to have their own team so that we can provide physical space, supply (fax, computer, secretary, commercial department) finance department, human resource and close supervision of the team or our partner can use marketing team.

Commercial department:

Is responsible to register our partner in ministry of commerce (MOC), assists in annual forecasting and handles shipping details, logistics, custom clearance and stock supplies.

Business development department:

This department is responsible to communicate, follow up and investigate new opportunities and emerging trends .They are in front line of communication with our partner and external resources.

Accounting and finance department:

They are responsible for coordinating with our partners, external and internal resource to transfer and allocate the necessary disbursement for our orders and products which are in the market.

One of their responsibilities is to coordinate local expenses to our partners according to their desired format.

Behbod Darou's strength:

We have the experience of being highly trained by pharmaceutical companies, has worked with them for years and have the know how of sales, marketing and regulatory affairs.

We are lucky to have influential advisors. Who can facilitate and accelerate our issues in ministry of health and are great support to us.

Behbod Darou's added values:

We are expert in regulatory affairs and have good connections and reputation in ministry of health.

We have the sales and marketing know-how of multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Having good connection with emergency pharmaceutical importing centers in order to generate immediate sales

Having access to the whole country through our distributing company and can provide detailed sales data

Strong financial resources, we have extended credit lines and capital reserves for current and future business.