About Us

Mission:We are to cure and improve patient’s life expectancy and quality through our commitment in providing high quality and safe products at the best price.

Vision:We have the know-how and enthusiasm to expand and be a valuable part of health care system.

Company profile:Behbod darou is one of the pioneers in Iranian pharmaceutical industry who is focused on importation and marketing of specific and niche pharmaceutical products. Since 2008, we offer our partner companies regulatory, medical, sales & marketing, commercial, business development and financial services.

Regulatory:Our regulatory experts assure that all processes to introduce the new molecule to Iranian Pharmacopeia from its registration to its best usage and marketing are in line with Iranian food and drug administration authority.

Medical:Our expert medical team provide scientific and medical support to our sales & marketing team, healthcare professionals and KOLs, to excel the evidence based therapy approach.

Sales & Marketing:Our sales & marketing experts have the best knowledge of Iranian healthcare system, current treatments and other competitors in the field. They drive the market assessment and sales for new drugs and provide feedbacks.

Based on our partner's need, they can either have their own marketing team or adopt our team. Since most companies have their specific code of ethics, policies, training and implementation; they may choose to have their own team. In that case we support them by offering physical space and supplies (e.g. Computers, Phones, Fax, miscellaneous). Furthermore we offer help from our resources such as secretary, commercial, financial and HR team when needed.

Commercial:Our commercial experts support our partners with registration to the ministry of commerce (MOC). They handle shipments, logistics, custom clearance and stock supplies and assist in annual forecasting.

Business development:Our business development team explore new opportunities and emerging trends. They are in front line of communication with our partner and external resources.

Accounting& finance:Our accounting and finance team coordinate with external and internal resources to transfer and allocate the necessary disbursement to our partners. We communicate local expenses to our partners according to their desired format.


Our strengths:We gained experience in drug importation and marketing by collaborating with many pharmaceutical companies for almost a decade. We have influential advisors in Iran who are great support to us and can facilitate and accelerate the processes of drug registration with the ministry of health.

Behbod Darou's added values:

• Expert in regulatory affairs with influential connections in the Iranian ministry of health
• Expert in sales & marketing with the know-how from many multinational pharmaceutical companies.
• Strong connections with emergency pharmaceutical importing centers to generate immediate sales
• Access to the whole country through our distributing companies who can provide detailed sales data
• Strong financial resources; we have extended our credit lines and capital reserves for current and future business.