MYOCHOLINE-GLENWOOD tablets 10mg, 25mg

Active substance: bethanechol chloride
Composition: 1tablet with single notch contains 10 mg, 1 tablet crossed notches contains 25 mg bethanechol chloride ((2-carbamoyloxypropyl) trimethylammoniumchloride).

List of excipients
: calcium sulfate dehydrate, talcum, maize starch.

Therapeutic indications:
Diseases in which a stimulation of the bladder muscle is indicated: postoperative and neurogenic urinary retention.

Known hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients; bronchial asthma ;hypotension ; bradycardia; coronary heart disease; AV conduction disorders ; epilepsy, Parkinson's disease ;external detrusor - sphincter- dys -synergy, if no effective relaxation of the sphincter is evident at the same time; recent gastro-intestinal operations – due to the danger of a breakdown of suture; mechanical ileus or any other kind of obstruction  in the urinary or gastrointestinal tract ; hyperthyroidism ;pronoun-ced  vagotony ; peritonitis ; ulcer disease .

Undesirable effects:
Very common ( ≥10%):increased salivation and perspiration, urinary urgency, skin flushing. Common (1%-10%): hypothermia bradicardia , drop in blood pressure, diarrhea. Uncommon (0, 1% - 1%): nausea and vomiting, gastrointestinal disturbances. Rare (0, 01% - 0, 1%): especially   at the beginning of  therapy: feeling of dizziness or giddiness (orthostatic hypotension).Very rare (<0,01% , including isolated reports) : retrosternal  pain , heat sensation , feeling tense , headache ,eructation , ulcer, increased lacrimation ,blurred vision ,changes in accommodation ability ,white heat rash (Miliaria cristallina) . Especially in patients with tendency towards bronchial constriction: bronchospasm   , dyspnoea, wheezing. Available on prescription only .

For further instructions:
See Summary of product Characteristics.

50 tablets of 10 mg, 50 tablets of 25 mg, 100 tablets of 25 mg.

Date of revision of the text:
August 2003.